Find Suppliers of Skin Care Products


The cosmetic industry offers a wide variety of skin care products to nurture your skin regularly. The manufacturers and suppliers of those skincare products claim that their products are superb to treat and protect your skin properly. They also state that regular usage of their products helps to keep your skin in better condition. But before choosing any skincare product you should know the type of your skin. Generally, five types of skin are found in people:


Normal Skin: Normal skin is less sensitive, balanced, and clear with enough moisture.


Combined Skin: In combined skin, both oily and dry areas exist in several parts of the body.

Oily Skin: Oily skin usually looks greasy and shiny. The pores of this type of skin are large.


Dry Skin: Dry skin holds a very low amount of moisture. It looks scaly and too much prone to get any kind of blemishes easily.


Sensitive Skin: Sensitive Skin is very much prone to allergies. Itching, rashes, etc. are experienced frequently.


So, choose your skin care products based on your skin. Splurge Skin Care has brought a wide range of quality products to maintain the health of your skin.


Although skin care products can offer you soft and healthy skin, you should strictly follow the right diet and healthy lifestyle.

Proper diet to get healthy skin

  • Reduce the intake of sugar:

High consumption of sugar is harmful to your skin as well as to your health. It can increase acne or inflammatory issues. Therefore, cut down sugar from your regular diet.

  • Consume plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits:

Consume plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables regularly. It helps you to revitalize your skin and combat infection. Besides, you can use Splurge Skin Care products to achieve a good result.

  • Drink plenty of water:

Water is essential for your health. It rehydrates your skin, keeps the skin pores clean and secures you from allergies and infections. You should take proper care of your skin with the best quality skin care products which are suitable for your skin type.

  • Take good fats:

Good fats are necessary to get healthy skin. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in salmon and trout fishes. Vegetable oil is also good for skin health. You should take avocado and sunflower oil which are good sources of monounsaturated fatty acids. These two types of fatty acids reduce the cholesterol level of your blood and also maintain the health of your skin naturally.

  • Limit your alcohol intaking

It is better to stay away from alcohol. If not, try to take alcohol in a moderate amount. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause different types of skin infections and slow down your digestive procedure.

Only balanced and healthy diet with good skin care products are not enough to achieve healthy and glowing skin. You should follow a few healthy skin-care tips to get the optimum result. For example:

  • Wash your skin at least three times every day.
  • Never take a bath with excessively hot water.
  • Always moisturize your skin after bathing.
  • Make use of sunscreen lotion, especially when your skin is exposed to the sunlight.

Follow the above-stated tips and diet for healthy and bright skin.